Android / Java: How to open programmatically a SQLite DB in Android that has a password (SQLCipher)?

I have a DB existing that I copy on the device, and I can access with no problem. The problem, is that I must put a password to it (SQLCipher, I used “DB Browser for SQLite” to put that password), but now I want to access it by passing the password programmatically.
Here is my code:

  public class DatabaseAccess {
        private SQLiteOpenHelper openHelper;
        private SQLiteDatabase database;
        private static DatabaseAccess instance;

        private DatabaseAccess(Context context, String db_name) {
            this.openHelper = new DBHelper(context, db_name);

        public static DatabaseAccess getInstance(Context context, String db_name) {
                instance = new DatabaseAccess(context, db_name);
            return instance;

Thanks in advance.

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