how to migrate a particular code from ASP.NET to JAVA in eclipse IDE using tomcat server

I have one index.cshtml file wherein it has code that references to some method of a class in other file and stored in windows.baseurl . Now I want to write the index.cshtml as index.html file.
So basically I have 2 problems
1) What is windows.baseurl in ASP.NET in index.cshtml
2) if I want to migrate that index.cshtml file to index.html file, then how do i reference that baseurl() method in html file using JSP.

the code in index.cshtml file is

window.baseurl = “@Html.GetBaseUrl()”

the code which I wrote in java, the method is

protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse
response) throws ServletException, IOException {
NewMethod.getBaseUrl(request); }

so how do i call the above method using JSP in index.html file

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