How to pass arguments using java script window.location to a java method in play framework?

I want to call a method with parameter in my java file using window.location in javascript. I’ve tried different approaches but not able to call the function. When I tried to print the value that I’ve passed it is getting logged in the console but when I tried to call it in the method it is throwing value not found error. What changes I should make to my code to call the method?.

And the call that I’ve made for getUsers with no arguments is working fine.

And for calling with arguments I tried to take it as a separate string and tried to concat and then assign to window.location even then it hasn’t worked. I want to successfully call the method in my controller.

Tried with single quotes, @ and $.

        function displayPopUp(stri) {

                window.location = "@routes.UserController.deleteUser(stri)";

window.location = "@routes.UserController.getUsers()";

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In a short – it is not possible. The @routes.UserController.deleteUser(stri) is compiled on the server, and function displayPopUp(stri) is run on the client, so the next code will not work “as expected”: <script> function displayPopUp(stri) { window.location = "@routes.UserController.deleteUser(stri)"; } </script> Solution Javascript reverse routing: Fast example: create a javascriptRoutes action in a controller : If you use Java: public Result javascriptRoutes() { return ok(JavaScriptReverseRouter.create( "jsRoutes", routes.javascript.UserController.deleteUser())) .as("text/javascript"); } If you use Scala: def javascriptRoutes = Action { implicit request => Ok( JavaScriptReverseRouter("jsRoutes")( routes.javascript.UserController.deleteUser ) ).as("text/javascript") } Add correponding route: GET /javascriptRoutes controllers.Application.javascriptRoutes Load the javascript routers: <script… Read more »